From an early age, Joy Lammers has had a passion for equestrian sports. As a six-year-old girl she started ponyriding, which she soon developed into young talent. She graduated at the equestrian training school at NHB Deurne, where she earned her Master.

At age 16 she had her first international succes and in 2011 she won her first Grand Prix with T-Sellie. At that time the idea was born to combine her passion and talent with her work. Joys strength lies in her patience with young horses to train them into talented jumpers. Joy is assisted by several professional trainers who have already proven there talent in equestrian sports, both at national and international level.


Stal Mulkhoeve

In 2011 Stal Mulkhoeve has been completely renovated, the modern facilities of Stal Mulkhoeve are a perfect base to train these jumping horses:

  • 28 spacious stalls
  • Indoor and outdoor track
  • Jumping garden
  • Covered horsewalker
  • Magnificent reception room

Stal Mulkhoeve is also a trading stable. We buy, train en resell young jumping horses with character.


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