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Succes on first part NK Seniors

With the Junior and Young riders competitions already started, Joy lammers won the first part of the NK seniors at the Concours Hippique in Mierlo. This to her own surprise;

“I had to do something”, “Earlier today i started with Winny, which gave me a little bit of a setback. But with Taura it went very well from the beginning on. I could take on all obstacles head on. The feeling was very good today. I did not expect i would be this fast. “

Joy left Marc Houtzager behind in second place with almost 2 seconds difference,

Together with Mare Winny Taura jumped a flawless first round. In the second round Winny got two penalties. Taura came in fourth in the ‘dagprijs’ placing and 7th in the final classification of this championship.

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